What is steam cleaning?

It is more precisely known as hot water extraction, and is technically known as emulsification. Hot water allows the detergents to quickly emulsify the soils and the vacuum pulls them out. Every carpet manufacturer and consumer reports magazine recommends this method. Truck-mounted steam cleaning is simply the most powerful version of this method.

Do you move furnishings?

We carefully move and replace most furniture. We also then place protection under replaced furniture so the carpet can dry safely. This protects the carpet and the furniture.

Do you guarantee the work?

Yes, all our work is guaranteed and we let you decide. There is no magic involved, just science. We can let you know what to expect before we do the work. If you're not happy with it, you don't pay.

Do you use chemicals?

We use safe, PH balanced detergents formulated for this system. Virtually all residue is extracted out. Specialty chemicals for sensitive conditions are available, or we can also just use hot water.

Do you use the same method on furniture?

After testing fabric for color fastness, the same method is employed with a specially designed tool to reduce the PSI while retaining the cleaning advantages.

Do you charge extra for... ?

There can be add-on charges per your request, for example, deodorizing, carpet repairs or some red dye removal. We never charge for spot cleaning or working on tough soils, that's just part of our cleaning services.

How long does it take for the carpet to dry?

Weather makes some difference to dry times, as does the condition and type of carpet it is. That said, most jobs dry in 8 to 12 hours.